Welcome to Springfield Trout Farm. We are a family friendly area for people of all ages to come and fish. Our fish are locally grown from a crystal clear Artesian Spring

Trout Farm is closed 

For Sale interested please call

         352-1813 (209) ask for Matt

4 1/4 acres, Artesian well, designed for aquaculatural use 

2 bed 2 bath

serperate room above garage




We are located 1 mile south of Columbia State Historic Park on Springfield Rd.

From Highway 49 take Shaws Flat road east, go approx. 1 mile we are on left middle of hair pin corner

From Highway 108 going east turn left on Jamestown rd (1st left after only stop light in Jamestown). Take Jamestown Road apprx. 5 miles to Shaws Flat Rd turn left. Take Shaws Flat 1 mile, we are on left in middle of hair pin corner. If you see historical marker you just missed us!!


Address: 21980 Springfield Rd

             Sonora Ca 95370 



Picnic tables available for anglers only


No entry fee, bait and tackle is supplied at no cost to you or you can use your own equipment (this is recommended)

Fish Prices:     Size                  Cost        NO CATCH AND RELEASE!!

                     8 inch                $3.00

                     9 inch                $3.50

                     10 inch              $4.75

                     11 inch              $5.00

                     12 inch              $5.75

                     13 inch              $6.50

                     14 inch              $7.25

                     15 inch             $8.00

                     16 inch             $8.75

                     17 inch             $9.50

                     18 inch             $10.25

                     19 inch and over $11.00

Processing fee of $2.00 per bucket of fish*

*includes cleaning and wrapping on ice# (#when available) 

Processing is optional (no independent cleaning of fish on sight)

No licence or limit required


No atm or credit available




Largest fish ever caught at Springfield 6.75 lbs over 30inches

Large parties and special groups please make reservations


Non fishing group fee available for use of facilities